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The Integrated Training And Education For Candidates Of Judges; The Crater of Candradimuka, Where The Journey Begins.

Fathur Rizqi
The Speech Delivered by Fath ArRizq*
 Law is the foundation of a peaceful and prosperous society, which we all can benefit from. Law is very important for human beings to get a dignified and secured lifestyle. Law provides us a sense of security.
   The most fundamental requirement to uphold the rule of law is to have credible judges that can become good figures. There will be no rule of law without credible judges; judges of course who are righteous and have a strong sense of justice. The absence of credible judges will slow down the implementation of the mission to uphold the rule of law.
    A judge must have integrity (personal integrity), discipline, and morality. This is the combination of hard competency and soft competency. It seems that we do need a system that can make us become stronger and stronger.
   Supreme Court of Indonesia has great vision to create an excellent court. One of the element of excellent court is great judges who upholds the values of justice and the legal certainty. So that, no one doubts that the judge is a man of the highest integrity. Honestly, It was my dream to be a judge, because I love going through the law literature in library, I could stay there all day. Of course, I am honored to be able to join you-the chosen people-, to be part of the long journey to implement a vision of Supreme Court of Indonesia. This journey requires passion, energy, and totality. And tonight my friends, we are at the gate where long journey begins.
   The Integrated Training And Educational Program For Candidates Of Judges is the formula to create professional judges who have high integrity. The program is designed based on international standards. The Integration between Training and Apprenticeship method called "learning by doing". The purpose of this program is making the candidates of judges capable to identify the workflow process in the field (court), through the guidance, direction and direct-control by the Mentor (Supervising Judge). Hopefully after completing all phases of training and internship, we are ready to work on the ideal level of quality standards (Court of Readiness).
    The Crater of Candradimuka is our home. The home for candidates of judges. Here we formed, forged, filled in, and built based on the new method. The method which is distinctly different and superior than its predecessor. But wait, Actually these are not a guarantee for us to be more superior than our predecessor.
    In my opinion, there are some things we have to prepare to face a long journey that has unfold before our eyes. There are five points to have:
1.    Having a strong faith/self-confidence.
2.    Improving Knowledge.
3.    Strenghten our relationships.
4.    Mastering world language.
5.    Role model (idol).
    What do you think about the role model, My friends? Of course yes, though they came from different backgrounds and walks of life, they have one important thing in common; They give everything they’ve got to be the best they can be, and inspire other people to do the same. I like the challenge of thinking and matching, I think it is a creative exercise. So, I like the judge who has that kind of spirit in their job, such as Omar and Bismar. Of course, they both are my role model (idol).
    Omar was founder of Fiqh, the Islamic jurisprudence. He is regarded to be one of the greatest Faqih. Umar as a jurist started the process of codifying Islamic Law. As a leader, Omar was known for his simple, austere lifestyle. Rather than adopt the pomp and display affected by the rulers of the time, he continued to live much as he had when people were poor and persecuted. The best known of the figure of Bismar Siregar is decisiveness that he did not want to be bribed and can’t be bought. Mr. Satjipto Rahardjo, The Professor of Law Faculty of Diponegoro University, assess Bismar as straight people. Every deciding case, Bismar always ask his conscience, and then look for legal clause as a legal reasoning. Not only considered conscience and law, the decision also refers to the teachings and religious scriptures of defendant
    We should be able to step out of our comfort zone. Being an ordinary people gives us a stable life, but being a judge, we no longer have that luxury. We need to have passion for what we do and don’t expect instant return. But perseverance does count and pays off. Always have vision and stick to it, but always look left and right for new challenges.
    My friends, it would be fair to say that we all go through times when things seem bad, people can sometimes let us down. They have the ability to say things that make us unhappy. Event and circumstance may come along and crush our long term plans. Because life comes without guarantees and promises. But my friends, the sunny days of contentment can only be truly appreciated through the dark gloomy nights of despair.
    Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Indonesia, Mr. M. Hatta Ali in his speech said that the presence of information and technology make the world getting smaller and smaller day by day. The Judge performance and behavior in carrying out the duties will be easily monitored by everyone. "Wherever the judges are, they are like the fish in the aquarium", he said.
    What about the media? You may read newspaper or watch on TV how horrible they described us and our beloved institution are. Without saying whether that is positive or negative, It does say a lot about us.
    And if I may take this further, if we go by the principle that what is going outside of us can be a reflection of what is within us, is it possible that this gizmo-crazed world is a representation of how we are as a person? Do we allow other aspects of our life to “govern” us the way our job do? Does our lack of awareness of our job represent our lack of awareness of our life in general? If so, How are we? I shall leave it to you to respond to these questions. Do take a nano-second and give it some thought.
    Last but not least, before closing my speech, I would like to give you great notes, My friends. I love these quotes very much. Please listen to me my friends! First, You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream (C. S. Lewis). Second, A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new (Albert Einstein). And the last but most importantly, Things do not happen. Things are made to happen (John F. Kennedy). So, My friends, this is our show time!!

*The Finalist of Judicial Speech Contest for Candidates of Judges. Wednesday, 4 July 2013, Auditorium Judiciary Center of Training and Education, Supreme Court of Indonesia.

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